Citizens For Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping
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Welcome to the Non-Technical Section of CARD's website about WIPP--The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. Actually, this should be titled The Less-Technical Section because scientific concepts and some technical terms are used in this section. However, these concepts are described in understandable language and many technical terms are listed in the Glossary.

WIPP Background-This background section for the layperson includes a general overview of the WIPP Project including WIPP History, descriptions of WIPP Geology, The Waste the Underground Disposal process and more.

Karst Analysis The short version of Unsafe Radwaste Disposal at WIPP, Dr. David Snow's analysis of evidence of karst geology at WIPP, is available here under Karst Analysis or Dr. Snow. The full technical version of Dr. Snow's paper is available in the Technical Section.

Geology Reports-All technical papers and reports in the Technical Section will eventually be posted here, but summarized and/or 'translated' into understandable language.Three papers by Dr. Richard Phillips, one paper by Dr. Lawrence Barrows and Dr. Snow's Karst Analysis are posted in the Technical Section but only the short version of Dr. Snow's Karst Analysis is available here.