The RH-TRU Waste Emplacement Machine

The Horizontal Emplacement and Retrieval Equipment (HERE). Currently, RH-TRU waste is prohibited at WIPP and the HERE is used only for demonstrations and training. If RH-TRU waste were to come to WIPP, upon arrival the RH-TRU canister would be placed in a Facility Cask, transported underground to a disposal room and placed on the HERE. This machine is lined up with a predrilled hole in the disposal room wall and uses a hydraulic ram to push the RH canister into the hole. The hole is then plugged and the Facility Cask is reused. The RH waste must be buried in the walls before the CH waste is stacked on the floors since the CH waste is stacked solidly in the disposal room. Note the wire mesh and numerous rockbolts holding the walls and ceiling together. (USDOE)