Citizens For Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping
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Dr. David Snow's analysis of the karst situation at WIPP
  • The full version of Unsafe Radwaste Disposal at WIPP can also be found under Karst Analysis or under Dr. Snow in the Technical Section. The short version can be found under Karst Analysis in the Non-Technical section.

Dr. Richard Phillips has three papers and a resume available:

Dr. Lawrence Barrow's report WIPP Geohydrology - The Implications of Karst is available in pdf format.
  • This 1982 report was published in 1985 as Appendix A of EEG32: The Rustler Formation as a Transport Medium for Contaminated Groundwater. Unfortunately, the Environmental Evaluation Group which published many wonderful reports, including EEG32, no longer exists, so it is difficult to find the full text of this report.

Other original reports and papers will be posted as they become available. These papers will also be posted in the Non-Technical Section, 'translated' into less technical language. (Currently, only the short version of Dr. Snow's Karst Analysis is available there.)

The Glossary is intended primarily for the Non-Technical Section but will contain some of the words and terms used in the Technical Section as well.