Large Locator Map of WIPP

Locator map showing some of the many toxic and/or radioactive dumps and projects proposed or existing in this "National Sacrifice Area" of the United States. Almost all of these projects bring wastes from out of state to an area with a fragile desert ecology, large numbers of Hispanics and Mexicans, and many people with low incomes. The sludge dump in Sierra Blanca, Texas received sewage from New York City until NYC canceled their contract in June of 2001; transuranic waste is brought from DOE sites all around the country to WIPP; a national hazardous waste dump is in the permitting process near Roswell, New Mexico; and DOE wants to bring more radioactive and hazardous waste from their Savannah River Site to Eunice, New Mexico. ("Special Wastes" which can contain asbestos are already being dumped near Eunice.) The Gnome Project which is right across Route 128 from WIPP was an experimental, underground nuclear detonation which left contamination that is still present. (pdf version)